Hoop Side Ratings system


     The Hoop Side's rating system is divided into six main parts:  offense, defense, size, intangibles (confidence, consistency, etc.), athleticism and IQ.  Each element is position specific, for example, offense for a guard is determined by his ability to pass, dribble, shoot from the field, etc.  Whereas for centers, their offensive rating is determined by post moves, ability to hold the ball under traffic, court vision, etc.  All players are put on same scale regardless of grade.  That means that a player who may be one of the best Freshman in the country is only rated as a "Divison I Player", don't worry, as his game progresses, so will his rating.  It is further divided into the simple guide to scale the players skills. (Note that the following section is in relation to ONLY the overall rating)


96-99: Lottery Pick of next year's NBA Draft

Player may be Player of the Year candidate, or perhaps even winner.  Also, if the player chooses to go pro after his freshman season, he would be a lottery pick; perhaps even a Top 5 pick.

93.5-95.9: Freshman-All America

Player will put up great numbers/is a great fit and is the centerpiece to a prestigious program.

89-92.4: Division I Stand-out

Player is leader for a high-major program who starts three to four years.

85-88.9: Division I Player (Major program) or Division I stand out (mid-major)

Player has shown the ability to contribute to a high-major program over four years.


Player is good enough to play at a high level, but would really excel at a mid-major.

82-84.9: Division I player (mid-major)

Player is a multi-year starter at the mid-major level.

79-81.9: Division I Role Player (mid-major)

Player is a role player at the mid-major level.

77-80.9: End of game Division I player or Division II

Player is a low-major Division I prospect.


Plays a significant role for a D2 program or a benchwarmer DI (Perhaps a walk-on).

73-76.9: Division II

A D2 contributor.

66-72.9: Division III

Limited time D2, may only be a 1 year starter, or solid D3 player.



*All of these ratings are on an individual basis, also, it does not account for the fact if someone has a 4.0 GPA.  In such a case, a player may be able to play on a team outside of his rating level.  

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